Ween plays gospel music. Ween is here to spread the word of their lord, the demon-god BOOGNISH. BOOGNISH appeared first to Ween in 1984 when Dean and Gene were 14 years old. They (Dean and Gene) were not friends, and they shared little in common. Upon the first sighting, BOOGNISH communicated to them what had to be done and later that day Ween recorded unto tape the holy picture that HE had painted for the two boys. HE has since appeared only twice, once to punish Gene for trying to leave the band. The other time Ween will not discuss.

Since the apparition first appeared, Ween has recorded (legitimately) over 1,000 songs, and they have not yet begun to accomplish their task of spreading HIS name on THEIR earth. Ween ate dinner with Harrison Ford once and he thought they were dicks. God is sinless and humane, so is Satan, and Gene claims to hold the balance between the two. Ween still don't really like one another, and at times one must really wonder why they're still together after all these years. When you witness the obvious dislike between the two, and ask them why they haven't split, Gene starts to cry, remembering what happened in his last moment of weakness. (Deaner is too stupid to quit.)

Many people don't know about Ween yet, but those who do are more loyal than any Dead Head. "God Ween Satan: The Oneness" will make you question the duality of man. At moments you will be pleading to God for forgiveness, and at other times you will feel the need to suffer for your most holy Satan. Don't be confused, this strange phenomenon is the poser of BOOGNISH taking control of your soul. You need not be scared, there is nothing wrong with these feelings: you are experiencing the COMMON VISION that brought Dean and Gene together and keeps them from breaking up. There is nothing you can do!

...from the 1990 Twin/Tone bio

album mini God-Ween-Satan (The Oneness)
released: 16 November 1990 (debut album)
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 89186
(vinyl) (cassette) (CD)

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