Run Westy Run -Green Cat Island
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Run Westy Run
Green Cat Island
Twin/Tone Records
TTR 89199 (1990)

MP3 Sample
Johnny John
Electrick Co
Kiss the Night
Keep Out
Last Swallow
Could Ya Would Ya
Cardinal Drive
Hate in the Morning
Get On
So Long

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produced by: Peter Buck and Run Westy Run
recorded by: John Keane
recorded at: John Keane Studio, Athens, GA

Kirk Justin - vocals
Kraig Jarret - vocals, bass, guitars
Kyle Jay - Bass, Guitar
Terrance James - Guitars
Daniel Morgan - Drums

Run Westy Run's debut Twin/Tone release, entitled Green Cat Island, was recorded in the spring of 1990 in Athens, Georgia. It was produced by the band and longtime friend and supporter Pete Buck (you know, that R.E.M. guy). Pete's cohort Mike Mills played accordion on "Last Swallow," the band's piratic tune. Pete also coproduced their debut album with Grant Hart, "Hardly, Not Even", which was released in 1987 on SST. In 1988 the band released a self-titled album, also on SST. The band was formed around the nucleus of lead guitarist Terry Fisher and three Johnson brothers (Kirk on vocals, Kyle on bass/guitar, Kraig on guitar/bass) in the mid-80's. Drummer Dan Davis joined in 1989.

Run Westy Run take their name from the title of a children's book by Gudrun Alcock, about a rebellious pre-teen runaway named Westy. Tier live shows are their strength, with singer Kirk writhing, glaring, leaping, and swinging from any available projectile. Dan and Krill's rhythm section provide the power, as well as the room to let Terry's smokin' guitar solos breathe, while Kyle fills in the melody. Their sound is seeded in loud, blues-based guitar rock of the '70's, but that's mixed with a touch of post-punk dirge and a punk rock kind of let's -get-out-there-and-do-it sensibility. Green Cat Island is filled with rockers, but it also reveals another side to the band -- a slower, acoustic side. Possibly arising from the band members' side projects (various permutations with other local musicians, covering songs from Neil Young to Dinosaur, the Eagles to Leonard Cohen), their quieter moments are best showcased in songs like "Kiss the Night" and "So Long." Lyrically, most Westy songs traverse the same terrain that David Lynch is obsessed with -- gritty vignettes of the underlying threat in our day to day lives. This ominousness is reflected in the artwork for Green Cat Island -- a painting by the non-Westy Johnson brother Kevin of Uncle Sam as a twisted, leering demon. The band will be touring again, beginning in October. The first week or two will probably be opening in the North- and Mid-west for Soul Asylum. They'll be doing their first European tour in November. - Twin/Tone One-Sheet 4/90

Released by Twin/Tone Records September 20, 1990. The album sold 940 vinyl copies, 2,244 cassettes and 2,333 CDs in the first two years of release. It is "out of print" in the vinyl and cassette formats. Twin/Tone continues to press the CD and sells it through Restless/Ryko.

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