The Magnolias - Dime Store Dream

The Magnolias
Dime Store Dream
Twin/Tone Records
TRG 89159 (1989)

(custom burned CD available)

MP3 Sample
Pardon Me
Flowin' thru
Shirley's Looking Down
Don't See That Girl
Coming On Strong
Folks On The Block
Fathers and Sons
I've Been Gone
In My Nightmare
Red Light District
Leave Ya at the Morgue
Bouncing Ball

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

Produced and engineered by Jim Rondinelli
Recorded at Paisley Park Studios, July '89

John Freeman - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Tom Lischmann - Lead Guitar
Kyle Killorin - Bass Guitar
Tom Cook - Drums

Released by Twin/Tone Records October 30, 1989. It sold 1,445 vinyl albums, 1,400 cassettes and 1,111 CDs in the first two years of release. All formats are "out of print."

The original master tape was re-transfered to digital in March of 2003. You can purchase a copy of this transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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