Al Anderson - Party Favors

Al Anderson
Party Favors
Twin/Tone Records
TRG 88110 (1989)

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MP3 Sample
Don't Want Your Love
I Could Do This All Night
I Got Your Number
If You Get Your Wish
I Still Love You
Crazy Like A Fox
Nobody Else Will Do
You Don't Mean A Thing To Me
Love Her and Leave Her

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Produced by Al Anderson and Bill Scheniman
Recorded by Johnathan Freed at The 19th Studio, Glastonbury, CT
Mixed by Bill Scheniman at The Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA

Al Anderson
Tom Ardolino
Joe Greico
John Sebastian
Chuck MArtin
Bill Holliman
Rudy Rubini
Bill Scheniman

Second solo effort from Big Al Anderson of NRBQ finally sees the light of day! Since NRBQ (The New Rhythm and Blues Quartet ) recorded with Carl Perkins in 1969 they've amassed a groundswell cult following for their amalgam of just about every indigenous American music one can name (rhythm and blues, rock, jazz, country, etc.), all dosed with a big dollop of humor. Their profile is so low that every NRBQ fanatic seems convinced that they're the only one. But there are lots of thoses fanatics out there, and with the band's recent signing to Virgin Records, the band's popularty is poised to explode. Al himself has made quite a name recently as a country songwriter, penning a tune on Hank Williams Jr's last records "Wild Streak." The tune earned him a gold record.

Until NRBQ's new record comes out, console yourself with platter, recorded in early 1987. Al co-produced with Bill Scheniman, renowned engineer who's worked with Bruce Springsteen and many other stellar names. Al also plays most of the instruments, with some help from his friends, including John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful) on autoharp on "Nobody Else Will Do." And Big AL wrote seven of the songs all by himself, one ("You Don't Mean a Thing") with Fred Koller, and one ("I Got Your Number") with Fred Koller and John Hiatt. The tunes, while not being quite as "wacky" as most NRBQ stuff, have that definite Al Anderson style, ranging from country ("You Don't Mean a Thing") to sexy r&b ("I Could Do This All Night Long" and "If You Get Your Wish") to bouncy pop ("I Still Love You") to rock'n'roll ("Crazy Like a Fox"). Al Andrson -- Inscrutable... Colossal... and Alone.

-Twin/Tone one-sheet (April 1989)

Released by Twin/Tone Records April 14, 1989. In the first three years of release the project sold: 1,552 vinyl albums, 1,032 cassettes and 1,614 CDs.

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