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Curtiss A
Twin/Tone Records
TTR 8015 (1980)

(custom burned CD available)

MP3 Sample
To Be Happy Too
Thief in the Night
Assault and Battery
Sinister Forces
Dark Shades On
Jelly B. Bop
Seen My Baby?
You or You or You
Ride Away
Right in the Eyes
Humans as Art; Art as Human

MP3 samples are half of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

Produced by Paul Stark and Curt Almsted
Recorded at Blackberry Way, Minneapolis, MN
Engineered by Paul Stark

The Courtesy band
Reynaldo Toro - bass guitar
Dave Ahl - drums
Bart Hazlett - drums
Bob Dunlap - telecaster
Buzz Barker - rhythm and effects
Mark Goldstein - keyboards
Frank Berry - guitar on "Seen My Baby"
Tom Burnevik - sax on "Jelly B. Bop"
Billy Steiner - mouth organ on "Dark Shades"
Bob Strength - harmony voice on "You or You or You"
Dale Strength - harmony voice on "You or You or You"
Conk Aimless and R. Mook - howling at the moon
Curtiss A - sings

Released by Twin/Tone Records September 11, 1980. The album sold 1,679 copies and is "out of print."

The original master tape was transfered to digital in March of 2003. You can purchase a copy of this transfer burned to a custom CD for $15.00 from Twin/Tone Digital.

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