The Suicide Commandos

The Suicide Commandos

In 1974 Chris Osgood (the godfather of the Minneapolis music scene), Dave Ahl, and Steve Almaas formed The Suicide Commandos. They released two singles on PS Records (which preceded Twin/Tone Records.) The Commandos were one of the pioneer US bands touring the country, having to book themselves by convincing club owners in every city that their kind of music would draw people. Their first album ("The Suicide Commandos Make A Record") on the short lived Mercury Records label "Blank" was released in 1977. The rock video pioneer Chuck Statler made a film of "Burn It Down" (see below), which featured the burning of the house the band had used for rehearsing for years. They recorded a couple of songs for Twin/Tone's "Big Hits of Mid-America Volume III" and released a live recording of their last shows at the infamous Minneapolis' Longhorn Bar. Twin/Tone released "The Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert" as it's first full length LP in April of 1979 (the double album "Big Hits" came out two weeks later). The album was pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies and to this day is of the most sought after titles to collectors.

Chris is presently putting together a CD made up of the tracks from their records and some other unreleased recordings in the Twin/Tone vault...hopefully we will see something in the not too distant future.... - Paul Stark - 13 September 1995

June 1997 update: Polygram/Mercury Records re-released the band's first album (on CD only) in the fall of 1996. Work has slowed on a Twin/Tone release, but it will be worth the wait...

project mini The Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert
released: 1979 (first LP released by Twin/Tone)
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 7906
(live - vinyl - limited 1,000 pressing))

"Burn It Down" (1977)

30 seconds from the film (QT 825K)
the full 2:32 minute film (QT 5.4M)

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