Blue hippos

Blue Hippos Blue Hippos

Paul Osby - Al Schroeter - James Petroski

Blue Hippos formed from the ashes of Otto's Chemical Lounge, a semi-legendary blues-grundge-n-psychedellia-driven cult band formed by Osby and singer Dale Nelson. (Otto's split up in 1985, but eventually spawned punk iconoclasts Halo of Flies as well as the Hippos.) Al Schroeter had been Otto's last bassist, and he and Osby recuited former Rifle Sport drummer James Petroski to complete the trio. They took their name from a '60's Minneapolis motorcycle gang - the wimpiest gang in town, according to legend.

In a way, the Hippos are the antithesis of the sloppy guitar grunge that Minneapolis is famous for, yet their technical proficiency doesn't prevent them from generating the same degree of excitement and intensity as their less virtuosic counterparts.

(from a 1987 Twin/Tone bio)

project mini Blue Hippos
released: 1987
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 87100
(mini - album)

project mini Forty Forty
released: 1987
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 87124
(album) (cassette)

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