Agitpop Agitpop

Mark LaFalce - John DeVrives - Rick Crescini

"Agitpop" is an abstraction that stands for the collective auditory emanations of three strapping young men from Poughkeepsie, New York. Their sound is absolutely their own, which has been known to cause problems in the classification departments of various American institutions.

It seems as if a certain unique brand of fractured pop is derived from the dismantling of rock as we know it, resulting in a provocative amalgam with hooks in place

(from a 1987 Twin/Tone bio)

project mini Open Seasons
released: 1987
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 87128
(album) (cassette)

project mini Stick It
released: 1988
Twin/Tone Records - TTR 89152
(album) (cassette)

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